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Professional publications on ETHICS and PHILOSOPHY

by Joel Marks
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
University of New Haven

Bioethics Center Scholar
Yale University


Hard Atheism and the Ethics of Desire: An Alternative to Morality.
London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.

North Charleston, SC: CreateSpace, 2015.

Ethics without Morals.
New York: Routledge, 2013.

It's Just a Feeling: The Philosophy of Desirism.
North Charleston, SC: CreateSpace, 2013.

Bad Faith: A Philosophical Memoir.
North Charleston, SC: CreateSpace, 2013.

Ought Implies Kant: A Reply to the Consequentialist Critique.
Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2009.

West Haven, CT: University of New Haven Press, 2002 (expanded edition).

From the Theoretical to the Personal:
Stories for and by Students about Ethics
Self-published, 2000.

Moral Moments: Very Short Essays on Ethics.
Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 2000.

Emotions in Asian Thought: A Dialogue in
Comparative Philosophy
(Contributor and
Co-Editor with Roger T. Ames).
Albany: State University of New York Press, 1995.

The Ways of Desire: New Essays in
Philosophical Psychology on the Concept of
(Editor and Contributor).
Chicago: Precedent Publishing, 1986.

The World as I Feel It: What It Is Like to be Me.
Unpublished ms., in private circulation, 2017.


PERIODICALS (Guest Editor)

Special issue of Philosophy Now on moral skepticism.
No. 82, January/February 2011.

Special issue of Philosophy East and West on emotion.
Vol. 41, No. 1, January 1991.



"Beyond the Surf and Spray: Eliminating Morality without Lapsing into Moralism."
The End of Morality, edited by Richard Garner and Richard Joyce. Forthcoming.

Review of Peter Singer, The Most Good You Can Do
(Yale University Press, 2015).
Philosophy Now no. 112 (44-45), February/March 2016.

"Heaven Can't Wait: A Critique of Current Planetary Defence Policy."
Commercial Space Exploration: Ethics, Policy and Governance, edited by Jai Galliott.
Farnham UK: Ashgate, 2015, Ch. 7, pp. 71-90.

"A is for Animal: The Animal User’s Lexicon."
Between the Species 18 (2-26), August 2015.

"An Answer to Pilate."
Philosophy Now no. 100 (32-3), January/February 2014.

"Animal Abolitionism Meets Moral Abolitionism: Cutting the Gordian Knot of Applied Ethics."
Journal of Bioethical Inquiry: 10:4 (445-455), 2013.

"Amoral Animal Rights." Ethos 26:2 (156-167), 2013.

"Accept No Substitutes: The Ethics of Alternatives."
Hastings Center Report 42: S16-S18, November/December 2012.

"Atheism, Amorality, and Animals."
The New York Times Opinionator (blog), September 2, 2011.

"Confessions of an Ex-Moralist."
The New York Times Opinionator (blog), August 21, 2011.
Republished in
The Stone Reader: Modern Philosophy in 133 Arguments.
Edited by Peter Catapano & Simon Critchley (New York: Liveright, 2015).

Review of Larry Carbone, What Animals Want
(Oxford University Press, 2004).
Philosophy Now no. 85 (40-42), July/August 2011.

"On Due Recognition of Animals Used in Research."
Journal of Animal Ethics 1:1 (6-8), Spring 2011.

"Live Free or Die."
Review of Lee Hall, On Their Own Terms:
Bringing Animal-Rights Philosophy Down to Earth
(Darien, CT: Nectar Bat Press, 2010).
Animal Law 17:1 (243-250), 2010.

"Innocent and Innocuous: The Case Against Animal Research."
Between the Species 10 (98-117), August 2010.

Review of Andrew Linzey, Why Animal Suffering Matters
(Oxford University Press, 2008).
Philosophy Now no. 77 (40-2), February/March 2010.

"Vivisection and Ethics: Cutting to the Quick."
AV Magazine 117: 4 (2-3), Fall 2009.

"Activism as Integrity." Review of Lee Hall, Capers in the Churchyard:
Animal Rights Advocacy in the Age of Terror

(Darien, CT: Nectar Bat Press, 2006).
Philosophy Now no. 67 (43-5), May/June 2008.

"Atheism by any other Name." Review of Mitchell Silver, A Plausible God:
Secular Reflections on Liberal Jewish Theology

(NY: Fordham University Press, 2006).
Philosophy Now no. 62 (38-9), July/August 2007.

"'There’s No Room in the Worksheet' and
Other Fallacies about Professional Ethics in the Curriculum
Teaching Ethics 4:1 (77-88), Spring 2004.

"Cheating 101: Ethics as a Lab Course."
Teaching Philosophy 26:2 (131-45), June 2003.

"When I Heard the Learn'd Biologist."
Connecticut Journal of Science Education 40:1 (1-4),
Fall-Winter 2002.

"Stories for and by Students:
Personalizing the Teaching of Philosophy."
Philosophy in the Contemporary World 6: 2 (5-8),
Summer 1999.

"Emotions in Western Thought:
Some Background for a Comparative Dialogue."
In Marks & Ames, 1995.

"Dispassion and the Ethical Life."
In Marks & Ames, 1995.

"Teaching Philosophy, Being a Philosopher."
Teaching Philosophy 16: 2 (99-104), June 1993.

Review of O.H. Green, The Emotions:
A Philosophical Theory (Dordrecht: Kluwer, 1992).
Ethics 103: 3 (574-76), April 1993.

Review of Claire Armon-Jones,
Varieties of Affect (London: Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1991).
Mind 102: 1 (177-79), January 1993.

"The Trivialization of Ethics or Ethics in
the Workplace: A Cautionary Tale."
The Acorn: Journal of the Gandhi-King Society
6:2 (29--31), Fall 1991.

"Emotion East and West:
Introduction to a Comparative Philosophy."
Philosophy East and West 41:1 (1-30),
January 1991.

"Integrating Oriental Philosophy into the
Introductory Curriculum."
Teaching Philosophy 12:3 (221-33),
September 1989.

"Introducing Science Studies."
Connecticut Journal of Science Education 26:2 (1-5),

"When Is a Fallacy Not a Fallacy?"
Metaphilosophy 19:3 & 4 (307-12), 1988.

Review of Daniel C. Dennett, Elbow Room:
The Varieties of Free Will Worth Wanting
(Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 1984).
Essays in Arts and Sciences 17 (97-100),
May 1988.

"On the Need for Theory of Desire."
In my edited volume, The Ways of Desire.

Chicago: Precedent Publishing, 1986.

"The Difference Between Motivation and Desire."
In my edited volume, The Ways of Desire.
Chicago: Precedent Publishing, 1986.

"The Rationality of Dispassion, or Why
Richard Brandt Should Be a Buddhist."
In G.E. Myers and K.D. Irani (Eds.),
Emotion: Philosophical Studies.
NY: Haven Publications, 1983.

"A Theory of Emotion."
Philosophical Studies 42:2, (227-42), 1982.



"End-State Welfarism." Animal Sentience, 2016.075.

"Dr. Joel Marks on his Amoral Veganism."
Interview at Let Them Eat Meat (blog), December 6, 2011.

"What is Humane? A Plea for Plain Language in the Debates on Animal Experimentation."
Bioethics Forum (the blog of the Hastings Center), November 21, 2011.

"Why Vivisectors Should Be Vegans."
Bioethics Forum (the blog of the Hastings Center), December 28, 2010.

"Unprincipled Frogs."
Bioethics Forum (the blog of the Hastings Center), November 9, 2007.

"A Turkey in your Tank.”
Bioethics Forum (the blog of the Hastings Center), May 4, 2007.

"Rats and Rationality.”
Bioethics Forum (the blog of the Hastings Center), March 19, 2007.

"Are We Not Professors?”
American Philosophical Association Online, May 12, 2005.

“I Have Met the Enemy and They Are We:
Academic Freedom from Faculty Colleagues”
(co-authored with Matthew Griffiths).
American Association of Philosophy Teachers News
28:1 (6-8), Winter 2005.

"A Method from My Mentors."
American Association of Philosophy Teachers News
22:3 (4f), Fall 1999.

"Questioning (and) Philosophical Counseling."
American Society for Philosophy, Counseling,
and Psychotherapy Newsletter 1: 3 (4-6),
October 1996.

"Cheating: Two Responses."
American Association of Philosophy Teachers News
15:3 (5-9), November 1992.

"A System of Grading."
American Association of Philosophy Teachers News
12: 3 (11f), October 1989.

"Empiricism (and Theater) in the Philosophy Classroom."
American Philosophical Association
Newsletter on Teaching Philosophy 2:3 (7), 1981.